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Registering To Vote

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Register to Vote

The first step to voting is to register. You can register for the first time, find out if you are already registered, or change your information using the tools below.

Register/Update Your Registration

You’ll need to register to vote or update your registration if you have not registered or if you have changed your name or address. You will need a current driver’s license or free identification card to use the online registration portal.

Check Your Voter Registration Status

Not sure if you are already registered or need to update your information? View your voter record.

Alternatives to Registering Online

You can register when you vote in person, mail a registration form to your county clerk, or visit your county clerk’s office during business hours.

What You Need to Register

To register to vote in person, you will need a current photo ID and proof of residence. Register to vote using your primary Idaho residence.

Photo ID:

Proof of Residence:

Who Can Register to Vote in Idaho?

Requirements to register:

When Should I Register/Update My Registration?

You will need to update your registration when you:

The process to update your registration is the same as registering for the first time. You can update your registration online, or by printing, filling out, and mailing the PDF version of the Voter Registration Form to your county clerk’s office.

Remember to update your driver’s license with the Idaho Transportation Department, too!

Deadline to Register or Update Your Registration

The deadline to register to vote online is 24 days before an election. You may also register when you vote in person at early voting or on Election Day.

Party Affiliation

When you register to vote, you can join a political party or remain unaffiliated. Your party choice can affect which primary election races you are eligible to vote in.

The State of Idaho has four registered political parties:

Change Your Party Affiliation

You can submit a signed form to your county clerk to change your political party affiliation or become “unaffiliated”. The following deadlines apply to party changes leading up to a primary election.

If You Are Currently Affiliated With A Party

The signed form is due to the county clerk before the 10th Friday preceding the primary election.

If You Are Currently Unaffiliated And Want To Affiliate

Unaffiliated voters can affiliate with a party on or before the primary Election Day. You can declare your party preference when checking in with a poll worker or submitting a party affiliation form to the county clerk.

Not Sure If You’re Affiliated With A Political Party? Check Your Voter Registration.

Registration Information for College Students

You can register and vote while attending college in Idaho or opt to maintain your registration status in your home state. You must be an Idaho resident to vote in Idaho elections.

Am I considered a resident?

The residence you consider to be your “home,” whether it be your college/university address or elsewhere, is the address you should use for voting. Be aware that changes to your declared residence may affect scholarships or stipends.

Out-of-State Student

You may only be registered to vote in one place. If you’ve lived in Idaho for at least 30 days, you may register to vote in Idaho using an accepted form of ID and proof of residence.

Registration for New United States Citizens

Congratulations on your new citizenship! Before registering to vote, you must apply for or update the records needed to verify your identity for registration.

Update or Create Your Record with the Social Security Administration

Apply for or Update Your ID card

Driver’s License, Free Identification Card, Or Federal Passport

New Application for ID

Visit the Idaho Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or visit to apply for an Idaho driver’s license or identification card.

Updating Your ID

If you need to update your ID because you have changed your legal name, visit your local DMV. Bring your old driver’s license, or both your old ID card and your naturalization certificate reflecting your new name. (Polling places will use your driver’s license or ID to verify your voter registration).

Voter Registration Drives

Community organizations, political parties, groups and individuals can get involved by registering eligible Idahoans to vote. The easiest way is to register to vote online. We encourage groups to promote online registration by directing new registrants to on a digital device. You can download a registration QR code to use. Download the printable registration form here.