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We believe in the power of information, and the crucial role media plays in shaping public discourse and understanding. Here, you’ll find helpful information for media coverage of Idaho’s elections.

Election Information

Learn about upcoming elections, important dates and deadlines, and what is on the ballot by visiting our Election Information page.

Covering Election Day

The media has a significant role in informing Idaho residents about elections and ensuring transparency and accessibility. Here are some useful tips and guidelines for covering elections.

Voting Location Photography


Interviews are permitted at voting locations if the interview does not disrupt the voting process and the voter or election worker agrees to be interviewed.

Footage of Election Night Counting

Areas where ballots are kept are secured, and access is closely controlled. County Election Staff must accompany you when accessing these areas. County Election Staff will inform you of any guidelines you should follow regarding footage. Many county election facilities have a viewing area open to the media and the public on election night to observe the process.

Reporting on Election Results

Live statewide election results are available on the results page as they are reported to the Secretary of State from the counties after polls close. Individual counties may also provide results on their respective websites.

Results from absentee ballots and early voting are typically reported first. The tabulation method varies by county, as does the timing of results. The systematic process takes time, focusing on accuracy and security over speed.

In Idaho, counties count all ballots and report all results on election night (which often continues into the morning hours of the following day). Election results are unofficial until they undergo a certification canvass following the election.

Using the Vote Idaho Logo

Learn more about the Vote Idaho brand guidelines and download the logos.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have questions about media coverage regarding an election, please contact the Idaho Secretary of State Communications team.