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Phill McGrane

Making Voting Secure

In Idaho, we are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of our elections, and this page aims to shed light on the measures in place to guarantee the security of the electoral process.

Security Measures

Paper Ballots – All Idaho voters vote using a paper ballot. The paper ballot serves as the official record, not the images or data stored by the voting equipment. During any audit, challenge, or recount, we always refer to the paper ballot that has the original votes of the voter.

Post-Election Audits – After each primary and general election, our office conducts random audits of the county elections offices to ensure the accuracy of the equipment involved and the results reported. These audits of the paper ballots are conducted by hand and involve independent observers and political parties. 

Equipment Testing – All voting equipment used in Idaho is certified and thoroughly tested at the federal, state, and local levels. Before and after each election, the equipment is tested for accuracy using test ballots with predetermined results to ensure that votes are correctly counted as a voter intends.

Statewide Verification – Our office manages a statewide voter registration system that allows us to track and compare voting activity in all Idaho counties. This prevents and detects anyone attempting to vote multiple times. It also provides tools for signature comparison and other validation related to absentee voting, early voting, and election day.

Secure & Offline Voting Technology – All voting equipment used to design, develop, and count ballots is never connected to the internet. This is the simplest way to prevent outside interference. To share results with the public, results must be physically removed from the machines through a defined process to be uploaded to separate computers and posted online.

Voter Roll Maintenance – We conduct routine maintenance of our voter rolls to ensure accuracy. This includes monthly clean-up efforts to remove deceased voters, felons, and people who have moved. Following each general election, we conduct a comprehensive clean-up to ensure inactive voters are removed.

Voter Identification Requirements – Idaho requires photo identification both to register and vote. This includes proof of residency requirements as part of registration.