Initiatives & Amendments

Proposed initiatives and constitutional amendments are filed with the Idaho Secretary of State. When proposals reach the required number of valid signatures, they will appear on the ballot.

This page provides a list of statewide ballot initiatives/amendments and the text for initiatives currently in circulation for signatures. Find records of past initiatives/amendments.

Currently Circulating Ballot Initiatives

The following is a list of statewide ballot initiatives that are currently in circulation for signatures.

Idaho Medical Marijuana Initiative [PDF]

Top-Four Primary and Ranked-Choice Voting Initiative [PDF]

Once an initiative or amendment qualifies for the ballot, you can find the corresponding voter pamphlet (produced by our office), which includes the ballot title, the pro and con arguments, rebuttals, what your vote means, and the complete text of each referendum. The arguments for and against, as provided by law, are the opinions of the respective authors.

Initiative Filing Requirements

The sponsors of a measure must collect signatures from six percent of the total registered voters at the time of the last general election in order to qualify for the ballot. The submitted voter signatures must meet the requirements for distribution across at least 18 legislative districts, with at least 6 percent of registered voters from each district by the deadline.

Learn more about the initiative/amendment process and how to get an item on the ballot:

The Initiative & Amendment Process