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Candidate Filing

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Candidates Filed for 2024

This is the final candidate list for the 2024 Primary Election.

This is the list of candidates who have filed for office in the 2024 election cycle. County and city candidates are not included here, so please contact your county clerk for information on those offices.

If youā€™re having trouble viewing the dashboard, click here to see it on Tableau.

An Excel version of the candidate list is available to download here.

Write-In Candidates

Candidates may withdraw their Declaration of Candidacy by submitting the form below.

The deadline for partisan candidates to withdraw from the General Election is September 6, 2024.

The deadline for nonpartisan candidates to withdraw from the General Election is September 20, 2024.

Withdrawal of Candidacy Form [PDF]

Withdrawing as a Candidate

If you wish to be a write in candidate, you must file a declaration of intent for the office in which you would like to run.

The partisan candidate deadline was March 22, 2024
Independent candidates must file by September 6, 2024

More Information

Looking for current officeholders?

Find more local-level candidate filing information with the county elections office.

Learn more about running for office.

Petition signature form for Presidential Candidate ā€“ Independent [PDF]