Data & Dashboards

Learn more about Idaho’s voting patterns, historical trends, and demographic information with the interactive charts, graphs, and maps. Whether you are a researcher, journalist, policymaker, or an engaged citizen, you can find engaging and dynamic data that breaks down Idaho’s political landscape.

Voter Explorer

Explore Idaho Voter Demographics

  • Party breakdowns
  • Gender breakdowns
  • Age ranges
  • County, Legislative District, and views

Campaign Finance Data

Contribution and Expenditures

  • Bar chart of candidate totals
  • Map of totals by city
  • Timeline by office or candidate
  • Amounts by unique contributors

Voters Moving to Idaho

Demographics on Voters new to Idaho

  • Party affiliation breakdown by state
  • Individual city information
  • Age breakdowns
  • Total voters moved

Election Results – Nov. 2023

Explore Visualized Election Results

  • Results broken down by county
  • Vote Counts
  • Win Percentages
  • Easily switch between counties

Absentee Ballot Tracking

2024 May Primary Ballot Statistics

  • Absentee ballots issued
  • Rate of return
  • Absentee ballots requested by party
  • and more!