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Phill McGrane

Campaign Finance 101

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Looking for the Campaign Finance Portal?

Candidates and PACs file their Campaign Finance reports in the new Sunshine Campaign Finance system.

The legacy system is still available for amendments to old reports.

What is Campaign Finance?

Campaign Finance information is reported by candidates, campaigns and organizations to provide the public a transparent look at political funding in Idaho. All money raised or spent in relation to a campaign must be accounted for and tracked. This includes the use of a candidateā€™s own money. Since 2020, all campaign finance at all levels is reported to the Idaho Secretary of State through the Sunshine Campaign Finance Portal.

Looking for Data?

We’ll help you find what you need while we transition to a new campaign finance system.

The transition to our new Sunshine campaign finance system is well underway, and weā€™re actively migrating data to ensure a seamless experience for you. However, during this transition period, we understand that finding data may be challenging. Use the resources below to find what you need.

Where's the Data?

Where's the Data?

Find federal campaign finance data at Campaign finance for local candidates before 2020 Campaign finance for local-level candidates prior to 2020 is kept by the respective taxing district (i.e. county, city).

Statewide Candidate Data (2023 ā€“ Present)

The latest information from 2023 for statewide candidates or any candidate running for office in 2024, most PACs including timed reports after January 1, 2024, visit the new Sunshine system to find easy-to-use interface to access the latest financial disclosures and reports.

Legacy Data (2020 - 2023)

For earlier records spanning 2020 to 2023, and for local candidates not running for election in 2024, our Legacy Sunshine Site remains available. While weā€™re in the process of migrating data to our new system, you can still find valuable information here.

Timed Reports

Looking for timed reports? Most of these reports can be found in the legacy system while we work on migrating the data. For the most recent timed reports since December 20, 2023, check the new Sunshine system.

Local Candidate Finance (Pre-2020)

Looking for finance data for local-level candidates before 2020? That information is kept by the respective taxing district. Whether county or city records, reach out to the relevant authorities for assistance.

Timeline of data migration. Data analysis and cleanup in spring of 2024, active accounts and data migration in summer of 2024, and full data transfer completed by February of 2025.

Resources for Candidates

Resources for Candidates

Any electioneering communications or Independent Expenditure communications distributed by a PAC involving Idaho candidates must have the associated reports filed with the Idaho Secretary of State following the timelines outlined in Idaho Codes 67-6611 and 67-6628. These forms can be filed by visiting the Sunshine Campaign Finance portal, then scrolling down to the section titled ā€œIf you do not have an online account, click here to file a report.ā€ Select the appropriate filing type and complete the form. Independent expenditure reporting requirements and timelines may be found in Idaho Codes 67-6602(11) and 67-6611. Electioneering communication expenditure reporting requirements and timelines may be found in Idaho Code 67-6602(7) and 67-6628.


Please contact our office if you have any questions.

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