Election Results

Find Idaho election results, including historical results dating back to 1990. Be aware that election results are unofficial until they undergo a certification canvass following the election.

Election Results – 2024 Primary Election


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A new election results experience including interactive maps for all races.

This dashboard does not include races for precinct committeeman or local measures. You can find those using the classic results pages to the right.

Election Results – Classic

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This is also where you’ll find results for precinct committeeman and local measures

Election Results

Results begin to be available on Election Night after the polls close at 8 p.m. Results for absentee ballots and early voting are posted first. Election Day results are available as ballots are returned to election offices from voting locations in counties across the state and then counted. Counties post results to this site throughout the evening on Election Day.

Idaho voters can trust that their votes will be correctly counted and verified in a process that focuses on accuracy and security over speed.

Election Results - Nov. 2023

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Historical Election Results

Find election results for all statewide Idaho elections (occurring in even years) dating back to 1990 in the Canvass searchable database. Past election results for local districts and races are available through your county election office.