Idaho Supreme Court Affirms New Voter Registration and ID Laws

Idaho Supreme Court Affirms New Voter Registration and ID Laws

April 11, 2024

The Idaho Supreme Court upheld the ruling of the Fourth Judicial District Court to dismiss the lawsuit challenging Idaho’s new voter registration requirements brought forward by Babe Vote and the League of Women Voters of Idaho. The Court’s decision affirms the legitimacy of the state’s updated voter registration laws.

The ruling, issued on April 11, 2024, determined that existing Idaho laws concerning voter ID were constitutional and the legislation did not discriminate against a particular group. The requirements aid the “government’s legitimate interest in preserving the integrity of its election process,” according to a summary issued by court staff.

During the 2023 Idaho legislative session, Secretary of State Phil McGrane collaborated with Representative Brandon Mitchell and other stakeholders to pass legislation aimed at streamlining voter registration procedures and clarifying the types of photo identification and proof of residency accepted across all registration methods. Prior to these changes, inconsistencies existed based on whether an individual registered in person, via mail, or online. The new law ensures uniformity, treating all Idahoans equally during the voter registration process.

“We are pleased to see that the Idaho Supreme Court recognizes the importance of voting and that access to voting and the security of our elections are not competing objectives. Voters can have confidence in Idaho’s elections as they head to the polls. Our office looks forward to collaborating with the League of Women Voters and Babe Vote to encourage more Idahoans to register and actively participate in the upcoming May 21st Primary and November 5th General elections. We encourage people to visit to get registered and find out more about Idaho’s elections,” said Secretary McGrane.

About Phil McGrane

Phil McGrane was elected Idaho’s twenty-eighth Secretary of State and took office on January 2, 2023. McGrane served as elected Clerk of Ada County from 2019-2022. McGrane holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, a juris doctorate, and a Master of Public Administration. As a fourth-generation Idahoan, Phil has dedicated his career to making elections in the state of Idaho accessible, secure and transparent.



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