Free ID for Voting Now More Accessible to Idahoans

Free ID for Voting Now More Accessible to Idahoans

March 15, 2024

(Boise, Idaho) – Idaho Secretary of State Phil McGrane praised Senate President Pro Tempore Chuck Winder and Representative Brandon Mitchell for sponsoring legislation to make free IDs for voting more accessible to Idaho residents. The legislation, which passed both the House and Senate, eliminates a restriction for Idahoans who have possessed a current driver’s license in the prior six months from obtaining the free ID. This legislation has been signed by Governor Brad Little and will take effect July 1, 2024.

Governor Little remarked, “Idaho is committed to fair and secure elections. I commend the Legislature, especially Senate President Pro Tem Winder and Representative Mitchell, for their dedication to providing free IDs for voting. This legislation underscores our belief in the importance of every Idahoan’s voice and their ability to participate in our elections.”

“The legislation passed last year for free IDs was a big step toward increasing both election security and accessibility. This legislation expands on that and helps ensure that every eligible Idahoan has access to ID needed to vote,” said Secretary McGrane.

Legislation was passed in 2023, which initially provided for free state-issued IDs through the Idaho Department of Transportation and the county Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). As with a driver’s license, Idaho residents must provide proof of residency, age, and identity to receive a free ID card. The free ID card is an accepted form of ID for registering to vote and verifying identity at a polling location, or in any situation where a state ID is required. Statewide, 60 free IDs have been issued through February 2024.

“At the polls, we overwhelmingly see driver’s licenses and ID cards [NF1] presented. Nearly 98% of voters presented these forms last November. This legislation will only help increase those numbers to continue our efforts to make Idaho elections the safest and most secure in the nation,” added Secretary McGrane. 

Idaho requires voter identification to vote at the polls. The acceptable forms of identification are a current Idaho driver’s license, current Idaho ID Card, current passport or federal ID card, current tribal ID card, or a current concealed weapons permit issued by a county sheriff in Idaho. Anyone who needs an ID card for voting should contact their local DMV or visit Find more information about the upcoming May 21, 2024 Idaho Primary Election at

About Phil McGrane

Phil McGrane was elected Idaho’s twenty-eighth Secretary of State and took office on January 2, 2023. McGrane served as elected Clerk of Ada County from 2019-2022. McGrane holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, a juris doctorate, and a Master of Public Administration. As a fourth-generation Idahoan, Phil has dedicated his career to making elections in the state of Idaho accessible, secure and transparent.



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