Campaign Finance Launch

Idaho Secretary of State Launches New Campaign Finance Reporting System

(Boise, Idaho) – Idaho Secretary of State Phil McGrane is pleased to announce the launch of a new system for reporting campaign finance donations and expenditures for political candidates and political action committees (PACs) and rich data for the public to track political influence. The new system, called Sunshine, is a user-friendly platform designed to bring transparency, accessibility, and accountability to campaign finance in Idaho.

Candidate and Political Action Committee (PAC) reports must be filed with the Secretary of State today, January 10th. Campaign finance contributions and expenditure data for all candidates running in 2024, state candidates and PACs can be found on the new Sunshine portal. The search feature on the site offers quick and easy access to popular searches for data. Local candidates not on the ballot in 2024 will file in the previous campaign finance system. Data for those candidates, as well as historical data can be found at until the data is migrated to the new platform.

Secretary McGrane remarked, “The launch of Sunshine marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to enhance transparency in Idaho’s electoral process. By providing real-time access to campaign finance information, we are empowering voters and promoting a more open and accountable political landscape.”

To explore the new system, visit

About Phil McGrane

Phil McGrane was elected Idaho’s twenty-eighth Secretary of State and took office on January 2, 2023. McGrane served as elected Clerk of Ada County from 2019-2022. McGrane holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, a juris doctorate, and a Master of Public Administration. As a fourth-generation Idahoan, Phil has dedicated his career to making elections in the state of Idaho accessible, secure and transparent.



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