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Phill McGrane
June 24, 2024

Recent Election Recounts Confirm Accuracy of Idaho Elections

(Boise, Idaho) — After the May Primary Election, recounts of election results were conducted in several Idaho counties last week. In addition to the post-election audits, the recounts serve as a measure to verify election night results. In each recount, the outcome remained the same as that of the election night results.

Notably, the recount outcome in the District 30 Representative B race was consistent with the initial election night outcome, with a difference of four votes between the candidates. The recount conducted in Butte County showed a shift of two votes, with Fuhriman gaining a vote and Young losing a vote. District 30 encompasses Butte and Bingham Counties.

Recounts were also conducted in three precinct committeeman races and a school levy ballot measure in Canyon County, a county commissioner race in Power County, two precinct committeeman races in Twin Falls County, a school levy ballot measure in Owyhee County, and a county commissioner race in Butte County. Recounts in the Butte County commissioner race and the Owyhee school levy ballot measure also saw small shifts that did not affect the race outcomes. The deadline to request a recount was June 17 for local races and measures and is June 25 for state races.

For counties utilizing machine tabulation, recounts began with a hand count of a sampling of the ballots cast in the race, followed by a machine recount of the same ballots. Machines undergo a logic and accuracy test before tabulating the ballots.

Phil McGrane, Idaho Secretary of State, stated, “The recount process over the past week, along with the post-election audits, has reaffirmed that Idaho elections are accurate, secure, and transparent. Seeing the results stand in all these instances is reflective of the good work being done. I am grateful to county clerks and elections offices in Idaho who work to ensure every vote counts.”


About Phil McGrane

Phil McGrane was elected Idaho’s twenty-eighth Secretary of State and took office on January 2, 2023. McGrane served as elected Clerk of Ada County from 2019-2022. McGrane holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, a juris doctorate, and a Master of Public Administration. As a fourth-generation Idahoan, Phil has dedicated his career to making elections in the state of Idaho accessible, secure and transparent.